Scottish C2C 2012 Attempt

On the 16th of May 2012 an attempt was made but was unfortunately ended prematurely after catching pneumonia. Read the details here.

Pre-trip Ambitions 

The ongoing improvement in power production shall be met by the addition of a wind turbine. This has been incredible difficult to develop and has taken many months. The main problem is creating power from small turbine blades at low wind speeds, I believe I have achieved this, but we shall see. 
A solar panel shall again be taken, this being further enhancing for lower light and wet conditions typical of the UK. Look out for a full report and further details on my return.

Wind tubine mounted on walking pole
Solar charger
Possible camp setup

Another ambition is to reduce the reliance on gas for heating water. On previous trips a 450g canister has just been enough, I am now halving this to a 230g canister. A wood gas stove, made by myself,  will fill the gap and hopefully allow me in future to do away with canister gas altogether.


The long and laborious task of packing 25 days of food is thankfully over. 
Each day pack is heat sealed shut in two zip lock bags then taped into bundles of 2, then 4, then 8. Then the 3 eight packs stack on my framed flatbed backpack and get a thermal cover against heat degradation - although this may not be a problem in Scotland, but I am ever the optimist! 

8 day supply pack
Supplies on flatbed rucksack

Supplies with thermal cover - back