About me

Hi, I'm Paul G Briscoe and I'm outdoor enthusiast based in Warwickshire,  England with over 25 years of experience in the UK and abroad. My passion for adventure and all things adventurous has interwoven its way through my life since the first day I can remember. It has never faded and hopefully never will!


Way back when ~ happy smiley me in the middle 

Playing wild, during happy family holidays, around the coast and foothills of the Rhinog mountains of North Wales, fostered my love of freedom and discovery.

My adventurous streak, further nurtured by being introduced to potholing by my secondary school headmaster was highlighted in a month long trip to Norway in search of new discoveries. During the exploration and survey of a previously undiscovered cave, I experienced setting foot into unseen places and the thrill of being the first to do so. This, at the age of 14, was both a privilege and a curse, the latter leaving me restless for more.

Those formative years created a thirst for adventure. Later in life I joined a local mountaineering club where my skills were further honed and my appetite for outdoor pursuits developed.

With an eclectic interest in all activities, I am no expert in any one, but am bolstered by passion, sheer enthusiasm and a craving that leaves me - to quote my self-imposed moniker - an "Incurable Adventurer".