Welcome to Transnation Coast to Coast

Hi, I'm Paul and in 2009, my passion for the coastline and mountains of the British Isles, compelled me to undertake the crossing of it's four nations by their respective coast to coast routes.
A personal endeavour that will stretch my outdoor experience, physical and mental strength by adopting a solo and unsupported approach without re-supplying en-route.

Employing a single electronic device for navigation, communication, entertainment and media, adds to the challenge along with live publishing of blogs, photo's and positioning data.

The incorporation of alternative power generation technologies is another aim, although this may seem to be at odds with ultralight philosophy, it is core to my autonomous backpacking aspirations. 

My objectives are:

  1. The development of a reliable system that enables self-sufficient, unsupported off-grid sustainability for a period of 3-4 weeks
  2. To enjoy the countryside and wild places unhindered by time, location and logistics whilst encouraging their preservation and access
  3. To promote adventure and prove you don't have to go to the ends of the earth to have one
  4. To make people smile

Along the way I have; 

  • been shot at 
  • had my feet blessed
  • been acquainted with and confronted my personal boundaries
  • made friends with a furry inanimate tailless rodent called Dave
  • thought I was about to die 
  • fallen in love with trees 
  • cried at the sight of water
  • thought I was about to live
  • seen humans through an animals eyes
  • battled with fear and despair and won ~ see poem
  • seen and appreciated the incredible beauty of nature
  • left and re-entered civilisation
  • been thankful for my sense of humour
  • been proud of myself
  • spent a lot of money and time
  • hopefully encouraged someone else to go on an adventure ;-)

I'm sure there's lots more in store for me in the future - here's hoping! 

This site is still under construction and much information that I have gathered along the way will be added in the near future, so please keep call back.

Thanks for looking,


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