Footware and Footcare

The most important component in a successful long distance walk is getting this right.

My New Balance 561's ready for retirement

These trail shoes have now passed their best after a combined 500+ miles on my C2C's alone.

(They have served well, but I found the worn soles lacking grip on this trip and would have been better taking my INOV-8 Mudclaw 330 fell running shoes.)

Combined with these shock absorbing insoles...

Sorbothane Insoles
and these homemade carbon stone barriers...

proved to be a good footwear combination.

These fantastic socks are highly recommended...

1000 Mile Approach Socks

as is this friction reducing and water repellent ointment. (Reapply daily, use a latex glove or plastic bag to avoid having to wash hands.) 

Hydropel Sports Ointment
All of the above worked well together to provide a footwear/care solution which, considering the harsh enviroment (3 weeks submerged in peaty water), mileage and terrain, kept my feet in good order. Blisters were only experienced initially, as I neglected to tape my heels, but early attention meant no further problems.

 Leukotape is very good for this purpose, if not a little expensive.
Leukotape Zinc Oxide tape

Friar's balsam, applied on the area to be taped, protects the skin from allergy to the adhesive in the tape, but mostly it makes the tape adhere much longer. It can be used in the toughening of skin exposed to the tincture and be applied to minor cuts as a styptic and antiseptic.

Friar's Balsam or Tincture of Benzoin