Stove System

Pre walk

The stove system I have settled on is based on a cut down Jetboil pot ( 106 g inc. windshield ) and a MSR Pocket Rocket ( 89 g inc. striker ) , total weight including Primus 450 gas canister is 863 g.
The Jetboil pot is sawn off just above the max fill mark, safely holds 425ml and weighs 106 g with the bottom guard cut off. The wind shield is made from an aluminium can and slips behind the neoprene cover when not in use. The stoves pot rests locate into the veins on the underside of the Jetboil pot resulting in a secure coupling. Ignition is by striker and steel ( 3g ) which are cut down to one Inch, the latter being a junior hacksaw blade, both are connected to the stove via accessory cord.
Trials with this system have resulted in consistant boils of 425ml of water with the usage of 5 g of gas. Using a 450 gas canister should give me 90 boils or just over 7 boils a day based on 12 days, this being more than enough for my needs.

Post walk

The success of the stove system is born out by the fact that only 314g of gas was used, leaving 136g or 30% remaining. This works out, at the used average of 5 boils per day, as an extra 5 days supply being available.
The only addition in future being a large tube of relective bubble wrap, as an outdoor wind shield